Genex Health 100 well cell culture plate


Item number:GX-001

Specification: 100 well/chip

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General description

All plates have individual closed plate covers to effectively prevent cross-contamination. All plates are designed with flat bottoms for easy stacking. Alphanumerics provide well identification. Polystyrene unless stated otherwise.


Genex Health 100 well cell culture plate have been used for:

ex vivo cell culture Patient-derived tumor-like cell clusters for drug testing in cancer therapy. shenyi yin,et al.Science Translational Medicine(2020

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low cell attachment: The specially treated surface reduces cell adhesion and facilitates cell suspension to grow in clusters.
  • Reliablesterilization: Gamma radiation sterilized and guaranteed nonpyrogenic for safecell culture applications.
  • Convenientstacking: Uniform footprint and horizontal cover design for easy and secure platestacking.
  • Hygienic packaging: Individually wrapped foradded protection and cleanliness.